Membrane Bioreactor System- MBR

A unique treatment process that combines an activated sludge biological treatment process with an innovative membrane filtration system.

Following the innovation on MBR system, this system can provide:-
-superior management of the membrane environment
-stable and flexible operation
-less overall maintenance
-significant cost savings

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Minimal Footprint

  • High fiber packing density
  • Double-decker cage design

Lower Operating Costs

  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Long membrane life due to high mechanical strength and superior chemical resistance
  • Lower energy consumption due to patented energy saving air scouring combined with double decker cage design
  • High permeability due to permanent hydrophilicity
  • Stable high flux with reduced fouling
  • Symmetric TIPS PVDF technology eliminates the risk of delamination and minimizes the impact of abrasion

Ability to Treat Most Challenging Waters

  • High mechanical strength to minimize fiber breakage
  • Extreme pH and oxidant (including ozone) tolerance to remove/prevent severe fouling and restore performance

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