Membrane Filtration VRM®

A unique, rotating membrane filtration for MBR applicaiton.

MBR plants are a combination of a biological treatment stage and a subsequent filtration unit. This combination eliminates the need for conventional secondary clarification in a settling tank.

-It provides maximum throughputs and minimize the energy consumption.
-Insensitive to minor membrane damage.

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The future-oriented solution for ever increasing requirements in wastewater treatment. Providing germ free water at low cost.


  • unique, rotating filtration unit with highly efficient, centrally introduced scouring air
  • extremely high throughput capacities of up to 300m3/h per unit
  • well-proven backwash-type ultrafiltration membranes of robust, high-quality membrane laminate
  • ideal for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment and "green building" applications 

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