HUBER Technology

HUBER is one of the leading companies in wastewater solutions with more than 40, 000 installations worldwide. Its products are designed to provide customers with the highest quality possible. As a result of ongoing product improvement and product innovation, HUBER are able to prove a full range of global water and wastewater markets.

HUBER provides a wide range of products for:

  •      Screening
  •      Membrane Filtration
  •      Filtration   
  •      Grit Separation and Treatment
  •     Sludge Treatment

All equipment are made from stainless steel.

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HUBER- Waste Water Solutions

  • sludge treatment
    sludge treatment
    sludge treatment

    Sludge is a semi-solid slurry that comes from wastewater treatment.

    The amount of sludge is dependent on the type of treatment being carried out, the connected population and wastewater characteris...

  • Screw Conveyor
    Screw Conveyor
    Screw Conveyor

    The entire process of material transport takes place within a closed tube or a lidded trough. Gentle movement in an enclosed pipe prevents odor nuisance and dust development.

    HUBER Screw Conveyors ...

  • Screens

    Screens are a mechanical treatment which is necessary as the first step of the preliminary treatment of wastewater.
    Screens remove suspended materials in order to protect the subsequent steps from ...

  • Membrane Filtration VRM®
    Membrane Filtration VRM®
    Membrane Filtration VRM®

    A unique, rotating membrane filtration for MBR applicaiton.

    MBR plants are a combination of a biological treatment stage and a subsequent filtration unit. This combination eliminates the need for c...

  • Grit Separation and Treatment
    Grit Separation and Treatment
    Grit Separation and Treatment

    For wastewater treatment plant to operate smoothly, it is necessary to separate the grit transported with the wastewater and other mineral materials from digestible organic material.

    It is importa...

  • Filtration system
    Filtration system
    Filtration system

    Filtration system comes with a physical and chemical stage to remove precipitates and dissolved material.

    With ContiFlow,number of germs can be significantly reduce. The system is available as a s...