TIMEX Filtration & Water Systems achieved to be one of the world’s leading companies in the sector since 1988 by its professional service concept. TIMEX has the capability of offering different kind of solutions for filtration of different types of waters and different types of applications, with its R&D Center studies. TIMEX is also proud of enrolling its name to variety of different projects, such as Potable Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems submitted by different municipalities around Turkey, Cooling Water Systems, Deep Well Water, Process Water, Industrial Plant Wastewater, Zero Discharge Recycling Processes, Irrigation Water and Injection water. With its new facility that has 10.000 m² of manufacturing area and latest technologies, TIMEX is fulfilling all of the processes in-house by its expert, educated in their field staff. With having ASME “U” Stamp Certificate, TIMEX has special engineering solutions. TIMEX achieved to be a reliable & a preferred company with its successfully completed projects for Irrigation, Aquaculture, Oil and Gas,Municipal and Industrial applications.


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